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Smart Lighting Systems

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If you do not know what a smart lighting system is, it is a technology that has been designed, not only to benefit from convenient remote access but its’ major energy cost savings you get. This means your lighting system will be upgraded with high efficient light fixtures and our automated controlling system. We will install all the wiring, software, and applications required for you to fully enjoy your smart lighting system. Our automated software will help you make remote adjustments to your lighting from wherever you are, in your lounge, or on your way to a meeting.

Landscape Lighting Tampa

Our lighting systems are not limited to the interior of your home only, we do landscape lighting and installation. We will help you achieve the desired look you wish to achieve in your garden. With our help, we will redesign your lighting system and have it connected to your easy-to-use application on your phone. With our help, you can transform the way your home looks with our energy-saving lighting systems and easy-to-control panel on your phone. We have combined convenience and energy cost-saving into one automated system.

How Do Smart Lighting Systems Work?

While everyone is converting over to smart lighting systems many of you have asked us how it works, and just like most of our technology available today, it’s completely wireless. With wireless transmission, it sends and receives that instruction and then reacts to the control you choose on your application. By sending the instruction through your application your lighting system reacts and completes the instruction. There are many types of smart systems with different benefits and options, all our clients select their specific requirements out of these systems before we have them installed.

Benefits of Smart Lighting Systems

The main and important part of having our smart lighting systems installed is the great saving you will make down the line. Our smart lighting systems are known to save all of our clients' hundreds of dollars throughout the upcoming years. Because of the type of bulbs used for a safe and smart lighting system, it is known for its extensive energy-saving ability. These are lighting systems have helped all of our existing clients and we are eager to help any of you who are interested in saving and having your smart lighting system installed.

How Long Do Smart Bulbs Last?

As smart bulbs are LED’s they can last up to ten years, this means that within the next ten years you needn’t change your bulbs in your home or in your garden. This isn’t the only benefit, so you get to save by not having to invest in buying bulbs constantly, but the bulbs used are LED and they are known for their efficiency. The design of these systems is designed to save our clients and allow them to benefit from their investment. If you want to know more about smart lighting systems, call us today for more information.

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