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Smart Sound Systems

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We have professional and integrated technology that allows us to provide you with a quality smart sound system installation service. Our smart sound systems vary amongst the models and specifications of our clients. We offer unique sound systems that customize your experience of playing your favorite song or simply a podcast you have been enjoying. You can access your music hands-free by simply instructing your smart system what you wish to listen to.

How Does A Smart Speaker Work?

A Smart speaker works by voice activation, all sound systems have their set hot words or keywords to initiate the system or activate it. You can picture your smart sound system like your virtual assistant that does what you ask. Once you have posed the instruction to your smart sound system you’ll then get to reap the benefits by enjoying the request you have made to play your favorite song or start a movie you haven’t watched in a while. Find out more about our smart sound systems and how they can change your life.

What Can A Smart Speaker Do?

A smart speaker allows you the ability to play your requested songs via vocal command. This will be your keyword to gain the system's attention and then put in your request. Your sound system will be set up to your specification and which allows you an easy-to-use system that you can enjoy. There can be several of these keywords to navigate through your available options. Depending on your type of smart sound system that was installed it will come with various benefits that you will benefit from. Enjoy a hands-free automated system from your home or your business.

Why Should I Get A Smart Sound System?

Take away the effort of having to grab your phone and connect your phone to play some music via your TV or Bluetooth speaker. With our highly advanced and integrated technology, we have brought convenience to your life. At your command, you can now play and request any of the songs that you wish to listen to, create playlists and enjoy them in the comfort of your home or business. Allow your smart sound system to get the song playing, without you having to dry your hands after washing the dishes or working in the garden. Your smart sound system will bring convenience and good tunes your way.

Can I Connect Spotify or iTunes to My Smart Speaker?

It is possible for you to connect your Spotify or iTunes to your smart sound system. Your smart sound system will be connected to your designated profile and link itself when you wish to play something from one of your desired applications. Our smart systems are wireless and are connected via Wi-Fi which allows you to have live music requests and have them played from your desired platform. If you aren’t certain which sound system is best to connect to these applications, one of our technicians will clear all your uncertainties up with you.

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