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Smart Surveillance

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We understand that life can get busy and it may lead to forgetting minor things such as setting your alarm or maybe you aren’t sure if you left your back door open. With our smart surveillance system, you can now stop and check in on your phone, instead of rushing all the way back home. We provide convenient and easy-to-use integrated operating systems that will largely benefit you. Our systems help you access your live feed virtually by simply accessing your application on your phone.

Benefits of Smart Surveillance Systems

There are many benefits to having a smart surveillance system installed at your home or business; it gives you secure remote control access from wherever you are. You can view it on your business or home by live-streaming the feed from wherever you are. Our integrated operating systems allow you to access your live feed from the application installed on your phone. We provide completely safe and secure operating systems to those who wish to change their lives and make things easier for them.

How Long Does The Battery Last On My Security Camera?

The amazing thing about the batteries on your security cameras is that they are low maintenance and don’t require regular changing. Security camera batteries, depending on the quality of the camera and battery may require changing anywhere between one to three years. This is dependent on the type of battery and how long it can power your camera. New batteries are easy to install and need to be replaced once they are depleted as it will no longer work at all without those batteries unless they are connected to a backup power source.

Can Wireless Cameras Work Without Wi-Fi?

Yes, your camera can work without access to Wi-Fi unless you want to transmit the footage and view it from wherever you are. If you wish to access your systems to manage or stream live footage your camera would need to be set up with Wi-Fi for those purposes. You can leave your Wi-Fi access for your cameras 24/7 this way you would not need to be concerned whether your connection is available or not. Your camera can run and record as normal, it just won’t give you the live stream option you would have with a connection.

How Long Will My Security Camera Last?

There is a wide range of security cameras that are available on the market today; they range for commercial and residential usage. It depends on the type of quality and range you wish to cover with your security cameras.  A Good security camera can last up to ten years and sometimes it can last longer, this comes with maintenance and repairs when they are needed. Most people choose to upgrade their cameras instead of repairing it, that’s up to preference, but we offer an amazing repair and maintenance service that can help you keep your security cameras for the longest time.

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